Digital Marketing Fresher Jobs [Best Guide]

digital marketing jobs for freshers

Being a trending and latest career path, digital marketing fresher jobs are something that has been quiet into discussion.

If you are someone who is looking to build a career in digital marketing, you must be in search of jobs as a fresher to gain some quality experience and start your journey.

Today, we will discuss about some of the best digital marketing jobs for freshers that you can try and apply for.

These are the best options one can choose from and I will guide you through each one of them mentioning aspects such as role, responsibilities, salary, and more.

Make sure you don’t miss any of them as it might be the one good enough for you to choose. Let’s begin then!

SEO Executive

If you have a strong hold in the SEO aspect of digital marketing, this is a perfect choice for you.

A SEO Executive does the job of optimizing the client’s websites to improve their rankings in the search results.

You can be required to do tasks like:

  • On Page and Off Page SEO for the website
  • Building backlinks
  • Performing keyword research
  • Optimization of existing and new content on website
  • Using Google Analytics to keep a track of the organic traffic
  • Help the client’s site for optimizing blog content

It is a very targeted field of work for a person looking for digital marketing fresher jobs. You can definitely give it a look.

The average salary of a full time SEO Executive in India is 318,495 INR. It is just an average, you may get better and also grow as you work and gain experience.

Social Media Manager

digital marketing jobs freshers

Social media is something we spend hours scrolling on now a days. Why not use it for building your career?

If you are someone who is well experienced about social medias like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, this might be a great opportunity available.

The role is to help the company build its presence on these platforms by building a connect with the targeted audience.

You have to create brand awareness for the company on these social medias and help them increase their revenues.

You may be searching for digital marketing fresher salary. The average package of this job ranges from 3 LPA to 5.8 LPA.

Content Marketer

Have good content creation skills? This is a perfect field for you then!

A content marketing manager is responsible for producing and marketing high quality unique content.

You have to be creative and well versed with the language in which you want to create content.

Content marketing manager roles can also include tasks like managing the company blog, guest posting, video making.

Email Marketing Manager

You must be receiving number of emails, promotions from various companies and organizations daily. This is Email marketing.

Emails are one of the fastest way of online and formal communication.

Brands and companies use email marketing so as to build their brand image and promote products and services to expand profits.

Email marketing manager is the next in out list of digital marketing fresher jobs.

Talking about the roles, firstly you have to work on building target audience’s email list.

Next, you have to create different email marketing campaigns focusing this target audience.

The emails should be engaging and work as per the requirement which can include lead generation, product or services selling, form filling, website traffic, offers or sales promotion and more.

For instance, Myntra sends emails regarding their various fashion sales and offers in order to generate sales.

Analytics Expert

full time fresher jobs

Next in the list of marketing jobs for freshers, we have Analytics Expert. The websites always use analytics so as to track the number of visitors and various other metrics.

The role is to measure and interpret the data from the analytics and use it for improving the site’s performance to generate more profits.

In addition, you may be required to communicate the data with the SEO executives or digital marketing managers in the company for necessary actions.

The most common analytics tool used is Google Analytics as you might have heard.

Therefore, make a good hold with Google Analytics if you are interested to take this type of digital marketing fresher jobs.

Above all, these metrics and data from the analytics help the company or the business to take various marketing decisions relating to product launch or change in the existing ones.

PPC Specialist

PPC refers to Pay Per Click. It is basically the form of paid advertising which involves paying each time the ad is clicked by an user.

Large companies run these ads on huge budgets in order to promote their products to the target audience.

Google Adwords is the most popular form of PPC campaigns. You should have good knowledge on how to use Adwords for running quality campaigns.

As a PPC Specialist, you will have duties such as:

  • Creating and running campaigns on target topics
  • Optimizing existing ads for better performance
  • Analysis of the campaigns and improving them for more results
  • Producing reports
  • Generating target leads in the given budget
  • Design of landing page for high user engagement

You are also required to be knowing ways to do keyword research in order to run these ads.

Inbound Marketing Manager

marketing jobs for freshers

Moving on to our next digital marketing jobs freshers, we have Inbound Marketing Manager.

Now what is inbound marketing?

It is a technique to attract potential customers through various strategies, like, for instance, by delivering valuable content to them.

It is different from outbound marketing as it focuses on bringing potential customers in, rather than marketers reaching to every person who may not even be interested in our product.

Not all companies require an inbound marketer as it’s tasks may be fulfilled by a content marketer. However, some companies do require.

For instance, big MNC’s in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai.

You have to work in a manner where the target customers are attracted through different strategies to convert into leads or buyers of the products your company wants to sell.

Affiliate Marketing Manager

Now this may sound something different to you, right?

I am assuming that you already know about affiliate marketing as you must be searching for jobs after completing your course.

Let’s talk about the role of an affiliate marketing manager as one of our digital marketing fresher jobs.

The role is to manage the company’s affiliate programs which may include identifying potential affiliates who can help to distribute the products or services, tracking their performance, building reports and analysis, etc.

In simpler words, you are responsible for managing the company’s affiliates, who are involved in promoting the program.

It may be a good option to consider if you are familiar with the concept of affiliate marketing.

Blog Manager

You may be wondering how this one is different from content marketing.

A full time blog manager is basically responsible for writing unique high quality content for the company’s blogs.

You roles may include writing content, optimizing it for SEO, growing blog subscribers and more.

If you have a fond of writing good content, this one may be a good option for you to consider.

Digital Marketing Manager

Although this one requires experience, some small companies or startups may give you this opportunity as a fresher.

A person is required to perform a wide range of activities by handling different aspects digital marketing and reporting to senior staff.

They are required to combine various strategies so as to increase the revenues and profits of the firm.

You will be responsible for making all the major decisions and all the other job holders such as SEO, SMM and content writing specialists will report to you.

It is the master of all other jobs and is a little difficult to get. You may require some experience in other fields before approaching to this one.

However, if you are able to get into this role, the growth is amazing. So keep hustling!

Final Words on Digital Marketing Fresher Jobs

Hope this post on digital marketing jobs for freshers helped in some way to clear your mind. If you got some value, share it with your friends.

We keep on bringing such valuable posts on this blog, so keep visiting and bookmark us for future reference.

Have a great day ahead. Goodbye!

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