How to Add Custom Domain to Blogger [New Interface]

how to add custom domain to blogger godaddy

Want to know how to add custom domain to blogger godaddy? Today, I am going to show you step by step process to do that.

Blogger serves as one of the best platforms for newbies to start with. However, the blogspot addon to your domain doesn’t seem good, right?

Whenever you create a free blog on Blogger, you get a URL like “”. On the other hand, when you add a custom name, it looks like “”, which is a lot better!

Since blogger has updated, this guide is according to the latest new interface and you won’t face a single problem if you go through this well.

Although I am taking an example of Godaddy to show the process, this can work with any other domain name provider.

Let’s begin and put your awesome domain name to action!

Steps to Add Blogger Custom Domain

Now, I am going to guide you through the steps to change and connect your google blogger domain to your own customized one.

It’s a very easy process that you can do in under 15 minutes and make your website live.

I am adding the relevant screenshots with the steps to make things easy for you to do.

Purchasing A Domain

For starting the process, first you need to purchase your own domain. It takes less than 5 minutes. If you already have one, skip to the steps below..

As I am taking Godaddy domain as an example to demonstrate the process, let’s head over to it. If you are using any other registrar site, don’t worry, the process is almost similar.

To purchase the domain, go to the official website and type in your preferred domain name.

Purchasing Domain

Then, add it to cart and create an account by following the on screen instructions. It asks you for various additional add-ons like Email, Security, etc. Your choice to opt or not.

Next, enter the billing details and make the payment by selecting your preferred payment method in the checkout section.

Done! You have your own personal domain now. Next step is to connect it to your Blogger blog.

If you need more help regarding purchasing the perfect domain name for your blog, you can refer to this guide here:

How to Start Blogging in 9 Easy Steps

Adding Custom Domain to Blogger

As you now have your custom domain, let’s add it to your Blogspot account to connect them. For that, you need to sign in to your Blogger Dashboard first.

Once you are in your dashboard, find “Settings” in the left side menu as shown in the picture below.

custom domain blogger

Click on Settings and then scroll down to the “Publishing” section in it.

Blogger Dashboard Settings

You will find the “Custom Domain” option here. Click on it.

Type in Your Custom Domain

Type in your custom domain which you just purchased above, in this field. Include www as a prefix as shown in the image below.

Blogspot Settings

After adding it, you will see an error as shown in the above picture saying “not able to verify”. It will give you two CNAME records which you have to add in the DNS of your domain name provider.

Note them down or keep the tab open as you need to add them in the steps below. For adding them, let’s move on to the next step to connect custom domain blogger.

Setup CNAME Records in Godaddy

Now you have to go to the Godaddy login page and sign in by entering the details you created while purchasing the domain.

After you sign in, you will be able to see all the domains you have purchased. In your case, it will show one as you purchased it above.

Godaddy login

Click on the “DNS” option in front of your custom domain. You are now in the DNS Management zone of your account panel.

Adding blogger custom domain

Now, all the records will be displayed here. You need to scroll down to find an “Add” button so as to add those two CNAME records here.

After that, click on Add and select CNAME from the “type” dropdown.

Adding CNAME records

Next, head over back to your Blogger Dashboard and copy the first CNAME record step by step and paste it here as shown above in the screenshot.

After entering, hit Save. In the same way, paste the other record too by clicking on the Add button again.

Now that you have saved both the CNAME records, let’s move on to the final step.

Add A Records

It is the final step in your Godaddy panel to setup blogger custom domain. You need to add the 4 A records here.

It’s going to be almost same as above. Click on the “Add” button.

Adding A Records

Select the type as “A“. Enter @ in the Host field. And add the following Google IP:

In the same way, add 3 more A records and add these 3 IP addresses also:


After completing the above steps, the 4 A records will look like this in the picture below:

A records Added to Godaddy

After that, come back to the your Blogger login account and hit “Save”

In most cases, it will get saved immediately. However, in some cases it can take time of up to an hour.

Turning on Redirects

After it gets saved, turn on these 3 simple settings to make sure that if a visitor enters non www version of your domain, he gets redirected to your www version.

Configuring Blogger Custom Domain Setup

With this, the process to add custom domain to blogger godaddy finishes.

Benefits to Add Custom Domain to Blogger

You may be wondering that why to invest money when Google gives you a blogspot subdomain for free.

Below factors are going to make you understand the value of this small investment which can give you amazing results in long term.

Let me tell you some benefits of adding a custom domain to blogger.

Professional Look

Your basic Google Blogger domain comes with a added “” extension which makes it a little unprofessional and long for no reason.

If you also want to give your website a professional look, it is must to add custom domain.

Don’t have budget for it?

No issues, you can get extensions such as .xyz for as low as 99 INR per year. Although less popular than a .com, but far better than a subdomain extension.


Some people start blogging just for fun. But if you want to make money out of it and take it long term as a source of passive income, branding is important.

Digital marketing is all about creating a brand name of your own in the market over Internet to grow and increase profits.

A custom domain helps to build a branding of your own. That’s why always try to go for a unique domain name for your blog.

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Short and Crisp

Always better if you keep your domain short and crisp. Makes it easy to remember that way by most of the people.

It is always advised to keep the length between 6-12 characters. Removing the subdomain extension can help you do so!

Never include numbers or hyphens in it. Try to make it search engine friendly for better organic rankings and results.

Shows Seriousness

By adding your own domain name, it reflects your seriousness for blogging. This is because now a days blogspot is used by many spammers because it’s free.

You may be writing very high quality content and performing good SEO, but what’s the point if it gets mixed up with them?

Why not create a branding of your own and let everyone remember your hard work!

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

As I have heard many people asking different questions about this topic how to add custom domain to blogger godaddy, I am answering some of the questions as FAQs below.

I am making sure to clear each and every topic and doubt for you so that you do not face any issue while setting up the things.

If you still have any questions regarding how to link domain to blogger, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Do I need hosting for Blogger?

No, you do not need to purchase a hosting as Google provides you free hosting when you use Blogger.
In addition, being a Google product, the hosting is super fast and highly secure. Just add a custom domain and you’re good to go!

How much time to connect blogger custom domain?

Generally, it takes place within 5 minutes. However, in some rare cases you may have to wait for some hours.

Why is my site not opening after doing the steps?

It means your domain is still not connected with your Blogger and you have to wait some more time.
As I said, in some cases it takes time.

Can I get Ad networks’ approval on Blogspot subdomain?

Yes, you can. Google doesn’t discriminate between those things.
However, I would advise to go for a custom domain because of all the benefits that I listed above.

Can I start blogging with blogspot free domain?

You can definitely start with it. But as soon as you start learning and developing interest in blogging, I advise you to setup a custom domain and create your own branding and image.

What is the cost of buying a domain?

It varies depending on the extension (.com, .in. net, .xyz). You can get it for as low as 100 INR per year.
However, if you want a .com, it may cost you around 500-800 INR.
You can keep a check on offers and coupons which can give you good discounts.

How much time will it take for my blog to rank?

There is no definite answer to it. It totally depends upon how you do the SEO, link building, and content writing part.
If you do all things correctly, results may start to show up within a few months!

The Bottom Line

That’s all for today! I hope I answered your query how to add custom domain to blogger godaddy. If you have doubt regarding any part of the complete process, ask me in the comments.

I ensured that all the steps to link domain to blogger have the screenshots and relevant pictures to help you understand better.

After you setup this whole things, you are ready to start your beautiful blogging journey an explore a lot of things in the future.

Share the post if you liked it and keep visiting for more new topics and ideas like this. Also, do not forget to press the bell icon in the bottom left corner to subscribe and receive latest updates.

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