How to Earn through Digital Marketing (9 Best Ways)

Earn through Digital Marketing

Want to know how to earn through digital marketing?

I am going to show you the 9 best ways that are 100% working and best to make money from digital marketing.

Below are some proven methods using which people are earning great deal of money every month.

Some of them can be done from the comfort of sitting in your home. All you need is a PC or Mobile and an Internet connection.

Why waste time then? Let’s get started!

Affiliate Marketing

earn through digital marketing

I say this is the most trending method to earn and learn digital marketing. Affiliate marketing is a way to earn by selling someone else’s products.

In simple words, if you are an affiliate marketer and I buy a product through your reference (or link), you get a commission for that sale.

You can say that it is a major source of income for most bloggers and YouTubers in today’s time. It’s one of their favorite methods.

For instance, you see those links in the video of famous YouTube influencers. They say that the “link is in description” if you want to purchase.

That’s an affiliate link. They earn each time someone makes a purchase through that link.

You can easily join affiliate programs of various brands of your interests and start earning money through it. The most basic level is Amazon’s affiliate program.

Simply fill a form and join it. Then, start promoting various products on Amazon among your friends, audience on social media, blog, etc to convert into sales.

Earn through SMM


The next best way for your query how to earn through digital marketing, Social Media Marketing (SMM)

See every big brands (like Apple, Nike, etc) on Instagram posting content and stories to promote their latest products?

That’s social media marketing.

Now coming to your point, how much one can earn from digital marketing? I say there is no limit.

It depends on how much time and value your provide to those platforms to gain the trust of your audience. The more you gain, the more you profits you can make.

  • You can become a social media marketing manager and manage pages of various brands over the social medias.
  • Apart from that, you can grow your own audience on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and use it to promote products of different companies to drive profits through affiliate.
  • Sell your own products (if you have) through social medias to earn money.

How much time we actually waste on social media on a daily basis? Don’t lie to yourself as we do that in reality!

Why not use that thing to earn money instead of wasting time on it?

Instagram is working as the best SMM platform now as most of the users like its simple interface with features including scrolling through feed and double tap to like.

Content Marketing

content marketing

Next best way to earn through digital marketing is through publishing high quality content over the Internet. Start creating and sharing unique content of high value.

It helps to build a connect with the audience and increase user engagement. Indirectly, this helps to generate leads, sales, and profits in long run.

Most of the Instagram influencers whom you see with million of followers are also marketing their content. Build a connect by sharing content on a regular basis and then monetize it to drive profits.

Let’s discuss some of the best ways of content marketing that you can do yourself.


One of the best ways to create content and build an audience is through a blog. IntBuzz is an example of a blog providing you free and useful content on digital success and marketing.

You can also start a blog and make money from it. With just a few steps, you can purchase a domain, hosting, and start blogging.

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In simple words, blogging is sharing your knowledge and ideas on any topic or niche you like. More than 600 million blogs are on the Internet today (according to Google)

Make Money through Digital Marketing

Simple steps to earn through digital marketing via blogging:

  • Choose a niche
  • Buy a domain and hosting
  • Start a blog
  • Write high quality unique content
  • Monetize your blog
  • Earn Money

Blogging has many benefits such as improving your content writing skills, enhancing English, improving typing speed, developing knowledge around a specific topic.

There are bloggers who make a full time income out of it and they earn pretty good. Don’t believe me? Check out the list of top 10 bloggers in India.


I don’t have to tell you as you might be already knowing how much money different creators are making from YouTube now a days.

Video creation and publishing is a highly trending form of content marketing. Make videos on any topic you love or have knowledge upon, edit them, publish them.

Number of channels on YouTube are growing rapidly. To get into this competition and outrank others, make sure to create high quality videos, attractive thumbnails, and click worthy titles.

Bonus Tip: Watch time matters a lot here. Keep your videos engaging so that the user watches at least 50% or more of your videos.

Keep uploading videos and become a king in your niche. As your subscribers base grows, monetize the channel using ad networks, affiliates etc.


Rise in technology, people love reading eBooks now. You can make on of your own on your favorite category.

Start by creating one, release a part of it and watch if people are loving it. Then, you can sell it as your own product!

If you have skills on this, you can prepare a digital marketing course as an eBook and sell it through various platforms or blogs.

Various platforms such as Instamojo lets you upload your digital content like eBooks and sell from there itself using their payment gateways.


Online courses are something people are moving towards in this time. Develop your own online course on the topic you have knowledge on.

And start promoting and selling it. Many famous bloggers are earning money by selling their own self made courses.

You can create video courses as it is something people like to watch more instead of reading.

Method that many creators use is to offer the first one or two videos for free and then asking the user to enroll for the full paid course to access more.

Make Money Freelancing

Make Money Freelancing

Want to earn from the comfort of your own home sitting at your sofa? No fixed time, no travelling, flexible working hours, and lots of other options. Find out below!

Freelancing is a charm to digital marketing lovers! It means you are self employed, not working for any particular company for a long term.

Almost all the modules of digital marketing can be freelanced. For instance, you can provide services in SEO through freelancing and make money.

Number of websites are there that can help you get freelance work and start earning. I am naming some most famous ones.

Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn, People Per Hour

You have to simply visit them one by one and create your account their. Complete your profile by updating your bio, skills, interests, hourly rates, etc.

Fill in authentic and valid information as they matter a lot while getting you work from the hiring people. Write an attractive and appealing bio.

Here, people post projects, and freelancers offer to work on them on certain bids or prices. When you keep working, your profile gets building, and you get more work.

After completing a project, make sure to as for a feedback/review as they play a great role in getting you more work. Profiles with high ratings and positive reviews tend to rank first when searched for in these sites.

Key Benefits of freelancing are:

  • Work as per your own convenience
  • Take multiple projects as per skills
  • Choice of time
  • Flexible working pattern

SEO in Digital Marketing

SEO in Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization is a major component of digital marketing. People ask that is digital marketing a high income skill.

I say yes. As the options and growth is vast and not limited. If you got good SEO skills, why not use it to earn?

Take a job, work as freelancer, teach people. Various ways are there to earn. You can also combine these to increase your income.

It is a vast area in itself and companies hire executives to do the job of search engine optimization. Gain some experience by getting into a job.

SEO roles can include on page optimization, off page jobs, keywords research. Make sure to master in these things so as to get well paid.

Earn by Website Designing

Earn by Website Designing

Website is something that every business needs in this tech based era. Best part is you don’t have to learn coding anymore for designing websites.

It is as simple as drag and drop to make beautiful landing pages for customer retention. Content Management Systems like WordPress make the job super easy for us!

Learning this simple skill can pay you good sums of money. For designing websites for businesses, you can easily get anywhere between 5000 to 40,000 INR.

In addition, you can also charge extra for maintaining it (such as change in design) on regular basis. As the expertise increases, the price of your work also increases.

At first to get a head start, try approaching small businesses around your area and ask them if they need a website. If they do, show them your portfolio to get an offer.

Page builders like Elementor work great to build amazing landing pages that can attract users and grab their attention.

Final Thoughts – How to earn through digital marketing

I hope I gave you some good ideas on your query how to earn through digital marketing. These were some of the best ideas that actually work for making money.

Give it a start by trying one or multiple options out of all I listed. On personal level if you want to start something, I say start with blogging.

I am myself a blogger and managing multiple websites on different niches. It becomes a passion. And the scope is also great.

Digital marketing is something that is going to keep rising in the future also as the number of Internet users are growing day by day.

In conclusion, your dedication is the key of your highest earning potential in any field. So keep hustling and continue growing.

That’s all. Take Care. Goodbye!

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