How to Make Money Online in India for Students (10 Best Ways)

How to Make Money Online in India for Students

Are you thinking how to make money online in India for students? You are at the right place with the practical guide to earn at least $1000 per month.

Today, we are going to discuss some of the best and practical ways to earn money online as a student.

At many places such as YouTube, you must have seen video ads. I am talking about those one with a graph going up and down. And boom, a lot of money. Let me tell you, all those are fake!

There is nothing like that otherwise everyone would have been rich by now.

Without wasting any further time, let’s move to some practical ways that can actually generate some revenue for you.


Make money online blogging

Why I kept it in the first place? It’s my personal favorite.

So, what’s blogging basically. It is a type of website in which you share information, write posts on a certain niche. And once you start getting traffic, you can make real money!

You can search for the top bloggers in India, earning more than $30,000 per month. Some average bloggers make $1000 per month easily. That’s equal to around 70,000 Indian Rupees!

And this is just one source of income online. You can combine multiple models such as affiliate, Adsense, SEO services, etc, and make a full time living out of it.

For instance, if your niche (topic) is weight loss, you will write and publish quality articles around it covering the different aspects.

And for writing the articles, you need good content writing skills. Fear not, as it’s not so difficult. You will easily learn with time as you keep on publishing new content.

So to start a professional blog, these are the basic things you need:

  • A domain
  • A hosting
  • WordPress
  • And some free time!

If you want a detailed step by step guide,

Refer to this: How to Start Blogging in India [9 Steps]

After starting the blog and generating traffic, next comes the best ways to monetize your blog.

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Don’t expect it to be a quick money scheme. Everything that pays requires time and efforts, and blogging is no exception.

Make Money Online from Instagram

earn money from Instagram

Instagram is something each one of use on a daily basis, isn’t it? Do you know how much people are earning from it? If you want to earn money online free, Insta can be one of the places.

There is no investment. We are free to create an Instagram account. Most of us already have it. Instagram is the future of social media marketing.

To make money from here, you can do a lot of things. Firstly, you can reach out to brands and offer them that you will make content for their marketing agenda on Instagram.

Secondly, you can become an Instagram influencer! See all those famous people who you follow their? They earn lakhs of rupees just by doing a simple story promotion.

How to Earn Money from Instagram?

In order to generate income from here, you need to grow your follower base. And how to do that?


By posting regular content related to your niche. For example, if you are into fitness, keep posting photos and videos related to it.

Once you start growing the follower base, start engaging with the audience. You can do that by posting stories about your daily life. People find it relatable and interesting.

Also, you can make a schedule of going live every week on the same day. Helps connect with the audience even more!

Now when you have a strong follower base. Here comes the monetary part. Brands related to your niche will approach you and ask to promote their products on your page with the audience.

Either through stories or posts. You get paid accordingly. For example, for a 10,000 followers influencer account, you can charge $100 per sponsored post from a brand.

Content Writing

Earn from content writing as a student

Next way to make money online for beginners is by doing content writing. If you can produce high quality content with good skills, you can easily get income from here.

Many established bloggers often outsource their article writing part to freelance writers. These writers are paid per words of content written.

For example, an average content of 500 words can make you around 350-500 rupees in India. Now if you write a 5000 words content, you can do the math!

Also, the big brands that run websites often have blogs. If you can get in touch with them, they can even pay you better.

And if they like your work, they may even hire you for long term. It depends on how good your content writing skills are. Better the skills, more income.

If you are unable to get into contact yourself, freelance websites like Fiverr is the solution. You can get work here as there will be thousands of people searching for content writers.

In addition, apart from making income, it also improves your typing speed skills which is considered a major one if you reach out for any job now a days.

Earning plus learning, what else you want?

Affiliate Marketing in India

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is earning by promoting products, services of other brands in simple words. You promote their product, help them make a sale, you earn a commission.

For many Bloggers and Youtubers, it’s a major source of income.

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When you see a YouTube video, they often tell to go and check for the link in description to buy the thing they referred in the video. It’s an affiliate link.

As a starter, you can begin with the amazon affiliate program. It’s the easiest.

  • Visit the website by searching Amazon Affiliate on Google
  • Join program by filling a simple form
  • Start promoting and product you want to

You don’t necessarily need a blog or channel for doing affiliate marketing. In other words, it can be done through social media platforms, WhatsApp, emails, etc.

Also, the commission is different for every product segment. On affiliate networks like Clickbank, you can earn upto $150 per sale!

Video Editing

video editing

Got good video editing skills? Use it to make money online as a student. These are technical skills and can yield good amounts of income if done correctly.

Approach some entry level or intermediate YouTubers and ask them if they want to outsource the editing work of their videos.

It’s interesting to learn video editing. Even I also know entry level editing. It’s actually fun, not tough as it may seem! I myself learned by watching simple video tutorials.

Software like Premier Pro, Filmora, Final Cut Pro can be a good option to consider for editing. For video editing through phone, you can use Kine Master.

Basic video editing jobs can include:

  • Joining of multiple clips
  • Trimming of unnecessary areas in the video
  • Adding of transition effects
  • Inserting sounds and audio clips
  • Add text to relevant portions
  • Making intro and outro

Coming out to the money part, you can go to Fiverr and check yourself. I have seen people charging around 1500 INR just to edit a 15 minute long video clip.

Make Money Online by handling Social Media Pages

Make Money Online by handling Social Media Pages

Every one out of three brands and businesses are on social media, right? Here comes the task of handling the social media pages of these brands.

In other words, you have to manage their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter pages. The tasks are to maintain a connect with the audience by creating content.

They may give you the content or you may have to create on your own. It’s easy! There are several apps that helps in these jobs.

Similarly, increasing the follower base of these pages. As more the followers, more will be their chance of sales. And this is the work mainly, to increase profits by social media marketing.

As a student, if not interested in full time work, you can approach the small businesses who have a low budget. They can offer you the job without many qualifications if you offer low prices. A win-win for both.

The income depends, ranging from 5000 INR per month to 25,000 INR.

You don’t need any special skills for this work. It’s something you do already. Posting photos, videos on Instagram and Facebook. Uploading stories of what you are doing.

Just the difference here is that you are doing it for a business and making money out of it.

Some tools to help you with these tasks are:

  • Canva (create graphics, posts)
  • Buzzsumo (researching content, finding ideas)
  • Buffer (schedule posts throughout the day)
  • Hootsuite (handle multiple accounts at one place)
  • Bitly (create and track shortened urls)
  • Unfold (create engaging, attractive video stories)
  • Tailwind (scheduling posts)

Make WordPress Websites

make WordPress websites

If you look around in your area, you can find a number of small business owners who are in requirement of a website to expand their work.

They don’t want to spend huge bucks on hiring some professionals. You can approach them and offer to make their website at competitively lower prices.

Examples of small business owners/ professionals who need a website:

  • Real Estate dealers
  • Travel agencies
  • Doctors
  • Food Joints (for smooth deliveries online)
  • Lawyers
  • Counselors
  • Clothing Retailers

Why learn WordPress?

Now with WordPress, there is no need to learn coding. It’s the best CMS software out there available free of cost to make highly attractive websites.

More than 35% of the websites that exists in the whole world use WordPress. Isn’t it amazing?

After all, with some simple YouTube tutorials, you can learn it and start making your own blogs, websites in just a few steps. The only thing to charge you is a domain and a hosting.

You can include it in the package you charge from the business owner, or keep it separate, as you want. Now, coming to the price you can charge for making a website on WordPress:

Around 3500 to 5000 INR as a beginner. And upto 10,000 INR as you become experienced or get positive reviews as a testimonial from the previous satisfied clients.

In addition, as you keep completing the projects, you can build your portfolio and attract more clients by showcasing that portfolio, simplifies the tasks.

This website, IntBuzz is also running on the latest version of WordPress. Also, I admit, it’s really great. Things are super easy as you can get them done by installing a simple free plugin.

Stock Trading

Stock Trading in India

Stock Markets, buying and selling shares..

Interests you?

If it does, it can be a great answer to your query how to earn money online for students.

To start trading, you need a demat and trading account in India. It helps to access the market for you to do actual trading.

For instance, some of the best stock brokers in India are Upstox, Zerodha,

You are going to need documents like Adhaar card, PAN Card for doing the KYC process. It’s an easy process to open the account.

However, I advise to first learn the concepts before jumping on to the trading part. Without proper knowledge here, you can lose money.

I have tried it and realized that it’s not my cup of tea to make money online through stock trading. But for some people, it can prove out to be highly profitable. After all, depends person to person on the basis of interests, taste, etc.

Micro Job Websites to Make Money Online for Students

micro job websites in India

Micro jobs are simple tasks for which you get paid. Tasks can be as simple as doing a signup by filling a form. Payments in these tasks are low, but you can do multiple jobs in order to increase the revenue.

Websites like Microworkers, Mturk, Clickworker, Fiverr offer these jobs to you. Once you signup by filling the details, it shows you jobs according to skills to make money.

After you do the job successfully, you get the payment. Threshold for withdrawal can be around $5-$10. Also, there are tasks like app downloads, YouTube video likes, comments, signups, etc.

Therefore, it can be a good way on how to earn money online without investment as a student. In addition, you can join multiple websites as I mentioned above to increase your earnings.

As I love to maintain transparency with the readers, I am telling in advance these jobs will require a lot of patience. In certain cases you may have to upload screenshots verifying that you have done the job.

Rest is up to you which one to choose, I am mentioning all the best possible ways in this post that actually work.


make money online from YouTube

Last comes one of most famous ways to earn money as a student. You all already know about this and how much money established YouTubers are making in today’s time.

But, competition has got a bit high here. And you may require to do something very innovative in order to gain fast audience to your channel.

Tasks/skills which come associated with making content on YouTube are:

  • Quality content creation in the form of videos
  • Editing those videos to make them look presentable (very important in order to compete)
  • Doing SEO of the videos for getting them ranked (tags, title, keywords, hashtags)
  • Writing a keyword rich description and making the most out of those 5000 words
  • Designing an attractive thumbnail (for users to get to click the video)
  • Publishing it through the creator’s studio

Things to Know for YouTube

And yes, last but not least,

Not making cringe content to get famous quick (it’s the worst way of getting famous which many people are using now a days)

Many people thing they can get viral by doing these things. But let me tell you my friend, it’s short term. Also, YouTube has adopted a clean up policy and it’s removing all such videos.

What’s the point of getting such quick fame which has no use at all? Focus on making quality content. Educational and informative content are the best, I suggest.

I am telling you in advance, it’s going to take time. You need to do a lot of hard work. As if you want to get success, there’s not shortcuts in any field.

Important: Never start anything just because you saw someone getting famous or rich through it.

Remember, you are not the owner in case of YouTube. You are just a creator on that platform that Google owns. They have the rights to put a strike on your videos, remove monetization, and take down your channel anytime!

Final Thoughts: Make Money Online in India for Students

These are some of the legitimate ways that actually work. Find your area of interest to pick one or multiple options. For example, content writers can start their own blog and also freelance in the same time.

It depends on what you choose. Options are many. After that, if you want to take it full time, I will say make a combination of multiple options out of all.

Earning money online is becoming more common nowadays due to increase in number of the Internet users. All thanks to Jio, that made data plans cheaper.

What’s best?

If you are starting blog, YouTube, or any other online venture, you got the scope for more traffic as the number of Internet users are increasing day by day.

Above all, don’t lose hope if you are not able to earn in the beginning. I am saying so because everything adds up to your skills in the end.

For instance, if you start as a content writer, your writing and presentation skills will improve day by day. Gaining experience is always good in as many fields possible.

I hope you got the answer to how to make money online in India for students. Therefore, if you choose from any of these methods, don’t forget to comment down below and share your experience with me.

Share with your friends if you think it provided some valuable insights. Join our free newsletter from the simple form below to get latest updates like this. See you in the next post, Goodbye!

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