Types of SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Types of SEO

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important things to consider for improving your website visibility and traffic which brings us to two types of seo in digital marketing.

Today, we will learn about the different seo types that you must do in order to improve your website traffic.


What is SEO: It is the process of optimizing your website to get organic (unpaid) traffic and improve it’s rankings in the search engines like Google and Bing.

Organic traffic is the best quality traffic any website can get. It is the traffic which your site gets from the search results.

No website can just rely on social media or referral traffic for long period as it is not consistent.

This is the reason where the different types of seo, on-page and off-page comes into play to improve our rankings.


You must have heard about different SEO techniques. However, here we will learn the two major types which are important for our rankings.

Let’s come to the two seo types which we will learn here are:

On Page SEO

On Page SEO involves strategies to optimize your own web pages to show up in search results. Some of the major factors important for on page seo are:

Unique Content

seo content writing

You must have heard about this “Content is King”

Yes, it indeed is the most important factor which Google considers. Provide high quality unique content to the users.

People often do copy pasting or spinning of the articles so as to write articles, but remember my friend, you are never going to rank this way.

Also Read:

It might help you in short run, but in long run, all the rankings will go to trash.

Firstly, your content shall be unique. Secondly, it should be of high quality so as to offer good value to the user visiting your site.

Never do copy pasting from other sites as it will result in duplicate content resulting in no rankings.

Keyword Placement

Keywords play a major role in informing the search engines that on what topic your post or article is.

They are the search terms on which you want your website to rank in the search results.

For example, if your keyword is “buy clothes online”, you want that when a user searches it, your website should appear in the search results.

Now coming to how to use keywords in SEO. Keyword placement is crucial for your website to rank. The areas where your keywords must appear are:

  • Title
  • Meta Description (You will know about it below)
  • First 100 words
  • Body of the article
  • Headings and Subheading
  • Alt Text in Images
  • URL
  • Conclusion or Summary

Also, there are mainly two types of keywords in seo, Long Tail and Short Tail.

Short Tail example: blogging

Long Tail example: how to start blogging

If your website is new, it is always advised to focus on the long tail keywords among the two types of keywords in seo as it is easier to rank on them.

Keyword Density

SEO types

Keyword density refers to how many times your target keyword should appear in the post. I have seen people doing keyword stuffing.

You should never do that as it will lead to nothing but fall in the rankings. Remember, your visitor is coming to your site to get some value and not read repetitive words again and again.

The best SEO practice is to keep the density around 1-2%.

This means that the target keyword shall appear 1-2 times per 100 words. If your article is 1000 words long, it can appear between 10-20 times.

Title Tag

The title tag or the title of your post is one of the three things that appear in the Google search results.

Your title must contain the focus keyword you are targeting to rank for in the search engines.

It’s length should be less than 60 characters as that is what Google allows at max.

You should never stuff keywords in the title, just put them naturally.

Focus on making it attractive and clickable so that the user clicks on it. It should always be relevant to the article and content.

Meta Description

The second part which appears in the search results is the meta description. It tells the user what the article is about in a brief.

Among the seo types, it plays a major role. Your focus keyword should appear here. Do not put it more than two times in the meta description.

Try to keep the length between 120 to 150 characters as longer than that is not supported in the results.

If you leave it blank, Google shows a portion of your content from the post in this area. However, you should never leave it empty.

URL Structure

The URL is the address of your website. The URL structure should be SEO-friendly.

The things to keep in mind are:

  • Avoid using dates and numbers
  • Easy to read
  • Include target keyword
  • Keep it short
  • Use lowercase characters
  • Use hyphens to separate the words

Heading Structure

Heading Structure

The heading structure is defined by the format you arrange the headings and content into.

In other words, there are basically six levels in the heading structure, namely: H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6.

For instance, your web page must have one H1 heading tag. It is basically the title of your web page.

After that comes H2, covering the main topics of your content. Next comes the H3 which are the subheadings and then the H4 and H5.

You should have a well defined user friendly heading structure in relation with the content on your web page.

Image Optimization

Images play a major role in engaging the user on the website. No one likes content with just boring text and no engagement like images, videos, and illustrations.

However, you must remember that images constitute of more than 70% of the size of the web page.

Image optimization includes steps such as:

  • Choosing a relevant image (must be copyright free)
  • Rename it in a keyword friendly format separated with hyphens
  • Compress it to reduce loading time
  • ALT Text is must. Always use alt text in images
  • Add a caption if required

Internal Linking

Internal Linking refers to the practice of including links to your other pages or posts in the content.

It greatly helps to reduce bounce rate, which is an important factor in rankings. It also helps to increase traffic on other posts and pages of your website.

You must have seen that generally when you visit a post on a site, it gives several links pointing to their own different posts that have been published earlier.

In simple words, out of all the types of seo in digital marketing, this one helps to engage the reader more into your website by decreasing the bounce rate.

External Linking

Above all the seo types, external or outbound link is also important. You should add at least one external link to your website.

In addition, remember to check the authority of the site you are linking to from your post.

You can check that here: Website “Authority” Checker

The website you are linking to must be a high authority one and also have a low spam score.

Google takes it as a good SEO strategy when a website links out to other high authority pages out there.


Broken links are something you should always keep an eye on as it has a very negative impact.

For instance, if there was a post on your website that you deleted for some reason. Now, the link to that post becomes a broken link.

You should redirect these broken links to some working links or to the home page of your site.

For checking these broken links, you can simply go to Google and search for “broken links checker” and a list of many tool websites will appear.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO involves activities which are not done on your website, but have a great impact on your rankings. Some famous off page seo techniques are:

Off Page techniques


Backlink building is one of the most common types of seo in digital marketing. They are also known by names like incoming or inbound links.

Search engines like Google provides higher organic results to those pages with higher backlinks. They are considered as a vote of confidence by the crawlers to show them higher in the results.

Similarly, the backlinks should be from high authority sites so as to be powerful and working.

You can use different methods for backlink building in seo such as profile backlinks, guest posting, article submissions, etc.

In short, there are two types of backlinks mainly:

  • Dofollow: They are more beneficial as the site’s authority gets passed on to your site.
  • Nofollow: These backlinks tell the crawlers not to pass the authority (less beneficial)

Article Submission

Next in the list of seo types, comes the article submission method. You can go and write a high quality article for various article submission sites and get backlinks from there.

The content you write for these sites must be legit and unique, otherwise they get rejected from being approved.

You can go to Google and type “free article submission sites list” and a list of pages will appear for doing this task.

Search Engine Submission

what are the two types of seo

There are a number of different engines out there although we only search mainly on Google and Bing.

It is important to submit our website here after doing the main types of SEO so as to start getting visible in the results.

Here is the next task in our seo list, submitting the website to various search engines manually. For Google and Bing, you can use the webmaster tools to do so.

In addition, there are also numerous other platforms to submit if you go and search “free search engine submission sites list” on Google.

There are even websites which can do this task in bulk, like pinging your site at once. You can definitely use them too!

Guest Posting

Guest posting on other websites. What does that mean? Among all the types of seo, here, we write for other websites and ask them to give a backlink in return.

You may have to follow their policies and rules regarding guest posting before jumping on to creating the content.

If you will write a high quality article or post, there are high chances that you will get featured on their website.

You can try out this technique as well.

Profile Backlinks

Profile backlinks from high authority sites like Pinterest, Quora, Twitter, Medium, and more also do a great job in off page seo.

You can simply create a profile on these sites and add your website their to get a backlink.

Remember to be active or share some value in these sites, so that you don’t get yourself blocked by doing the different types of seo.

For instance, you can share pins on Pinterest and answer some questions related to your niche on Quora.

Forum Posting

two types of seo in digital marketing

Forums are a platform where different people interact as a community. You can join these forums and add some value there.

In addition, you can add your link and get traffic from there. However, do not spam there otherwise you may get blocked.

You have to participate actively in the discussions so that people start trusting and loving your content.

Some famous forums are: Stack Overflow, Yahoo Answers, Quora, Reddit.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking sites offer users to share and save the web pages for the content they love. Famous sites in this category are Pinterest, Scoop it, We heart it, Mix.

These websites will allow you to share your post or article by simply pasting the link.

You can get good amount of traffic if your content becomes viral or gets shared intensively.

The benefit is that crawlers of Google often crawl these high authority sites for new content and if your content is there, it will definitely help.

It is one of the most simple types of seo in digital marketing.

Authority Building

Although Google says it doesn’t count the factors like DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority), web developers and bloggers actively use these factors.

In simple words, there is no magic trick to improve them. Your domain’s or website’s age plays a great role in building authority.

Keep publishing high quality unique content time to time, create powerful backlinks. These are some of the ways to increase it.


In conclusion, I hope you all got some value from this post and got to know about what are the two types of seo.

I covered all the topics in detail and in simple terms for better understanding of everyone.

If you liked the post, please share your valuable feedback in the comments section below as it is very important to us.

Also, share this post with your friends so as to spread knowledge and help each other. Goodbye!

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