What is SMM in Digital Marketing [Exclusive]

what is smm in digital marketing

Social Media has become a definite part of our daily life. We spend hours scrolling through memes, posts, and content.

What is SMM in Digital Marketing?

Let’s start!

Social Media Marketing [INTRO]

Well, SMM stands for Social Media Marketing. Now that you have learned the SMM full form, let’s move on to it’s other aspects.

In simple words, it includes promoting your content on various social medias to gain brand authority, make sales, and increase profits through user engagement.

In a world where people become popular overnight if there content goes viral on social media, why not use it for business and profits?

You can check yourself that almost every brand nowadays that is popular has their presence over various social media.

When we say social media, various platforms are included.

I will name some major ones here to explain what is smm in digital marketing

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • WhatsApp
  • Tumblr
  • Telegram

You all must be using these platforms for entertainment. Do you know that people are earning loads of money from these social media where you just spent time scrolling?

SMM in Digital Marketing – Jobs

social media marketing manager jobs

Every big companies are hiring social media marketing managers now a days due to the increased online competition.

No brand can stay just offline as Internet has become the source of major revenues for everyone.

Now coming to SMM jobs, we have various roles of a social media manager.

A person as a SMM manager helps the company to grow their follower and audience base over various platforms such as Facebook Pages, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

A proper connect is to be built with the audience so as to generate leads and conversions. A conversion is when a visitor becomes a customer and buys your product or service, or fills any form.

For instance, Instagram is presently the most widely used social media. We love it due to its simple interface, such as like by double-tap and scrolling through feeds.

Companies use Instagram as a digital marketing platform for SMM. The SMM managers of the company share content and constantly build a connect with the audience.

So whenever a new product launches or they have to promote it, they have a proper base of audience ready already for marketing it.

What does Social Media Marketing agency do?

You must have seen various advertisements of social media agencies. These do the same tasks that you can do as a job employee.

These agencies take over the task of SMM from big brands and businesses and charge them in return for the services provided.

  • Do all the content publishing work for various social medias
  • Grow the audience and the follower base worldwide or in target specific locations
  • Manage the analytics to understand the insights and perform better
  • Post stories to keep the audience engaged and interactive
  • Analyze the competitors and their posts
  • Prepare and provide reports to the companies
  • Run campaigns and ads if required for any new product

Is SMM a good career?

Is SMM a good career

Social media is a constantly growing platform and still evolving. According to me, SMM can be a very good career option for you.

You can start on a small scale first by managing pages and posts for small companies, or individual who want to hire.

I am listing some skills down here, which if you have, SMM can be a very good option for you.


As a SMM manager, creativity is very important to have. You have to come up with new and new ideas to better understand what is smm in digital marketing.

In order to beat the competitors and engage the audience from your posts, you have to keep trying something new.

For instance, memes are something which are hugely trending these days. Many big businesses are using meme contents as their SMM strategy to build engagement.

Something that is trending today might not be trending tomorrow which brings us to the next point.

Following the Trends

If you want to grow on social media, keeping a track of the market trends is the most important thing.

Making old and outdated content will never catch public attention.

So what to do then?

You have to constantly keep on analyzing the trends. Trending topics have a great chance of going viral.

Analysis and Interpretation

Just posting the content doesn’t finish your work. You need to analyze it also.

Almost all the big social media platforms offer in app analysis and insights at present. You have to understand these insights.

For example, monitoring which content is getting more views and which are not. When does your audience become most active? Which content of yours is getting most shared?

These analytics help you perform better in the upcoming days.

Best Social Media Marketing Platforms

Best Social Media Marketing Platforms

As I stated above some of the platforms, let’s now understand them in a little detailed way.


Facebook, founded in 2004, is still one of the best SMM platforms due to its great features and latest interface.

You can create brand pages, groups, build your own audience and start marketing. Remember to not to do spamming here as you may get blocked by their softwares.

Join various groups in your niche and start sharing your content their. Include call to actions such as website visits, product purchases, or signups.

Facebook advertising is also a quick and great way to promote your brand. I am telling you, they are really effective!

You can use FB to collect feedbacks and reviews from your customers on your brand page.


Twitter is a very trend based platform. Anything can go viral here if it has potential. People keep on tweeting and retweeting things here.

You can share short and engaging content here for your audience and even promote your website products in a legit way.

Do not forget to use latest hashtags from the trending section to get a good reach!


My personal favorite when it comes to SMM or digital marketing. It is a platform which is highly being used these days.

People love its interface due to its awesome features such as feeds, IGTV, going live, etc. I have seen many people who have moved to Instagram for its convenience and features.

Insta is a place for snack able content which most users prefer in today’s world. In other words, they are short and crisp.

Just a beautiful picture worth a thousand words and a well structured description. This is what people love on instagram.

You can use various tools for creating content for Instagram. Stay tuned on my blog I will soon bring a post on this topic also.


Now comes the other best smm platform, linkedin. Linkedin is a very professional kind of network with super high authority.

People use it intensively for the purpose of hiring and employing. It’s a very good place to seek jobs also. Meanwhile, check this post too:

Digital Marketing as a Career: The Ultimate Guide

It also gives you the option to build a professional company brand page and promote your content their.


Our all time favorite platform, right?

Tell in the comments section below how much time you spend on YouTube on a daily basis!

I will love to read your answers.

When it comes to video marketing, YouTube is the unmatched platform with billions of users daily. If you know how to create engaging video content, this is the right place for you.


One of the best platforms to promote your brand’s website. It allows you to pin any image and create a link to any of your pages.

Use short catchy descriptions with relevant hashtags to get more out of this beautiful platform.

There are bloggers out there who generate huge traffic from pintrest. You can also create a free account there and start creating pins.

Final Words on SMM

In conclusion, I would like to add that this is a very good field to explore. I hope I am able to clear your mind about what is smm in digital marketing by providing this exclusive guide.

If you liked this post and it solved your queries, please share this as much as you can and also let me know for any further queries in the comment box below.

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Have a great day ahead. Goodbye!

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